When It Comes to Your Health 
You Are a VIP!

Increasing your peace of mind can go a long way to help you heal. Working with a navigator can help you reduce unhealthy frustration and stress when you most need to feel empowered. 

You are a Very Important Person -- and you deserve to be treated like one.

You will soon become a hospital patient... 
Or you are a family member, friend or support professional... 
VIPHN LLC is your personal guide and support to reduce your frustration and stress and improve your journey towards healing. 
You don’t stop being a person when you become a patient. Yet, you will face impersonal service, confusion, frustrations and delays.  
You and/or a loved one need someone who knows the ropes to navigate and guide you.
VIPHN will help you cope.
You are the captain and we are your navigator. VIPHN guides you to actively manage your hospital stay so you can feel safe and in control.  VIPHN aims to ensure that you feel secure, confident and cared for like a family member. 
I know the stresses of being a patient in a hospital and how to manage them. I know that people need to be treated like people. I have learned the ropes from being a patient and a regular weekly volunteer. I have come to know the system from the ground up. I am there for the friend or relative, too, and work with other professionals such as doctors and attorneys. Certified in Patient Health Advocacy.
You are a VIP before, during, after and in between hospital stays. VIPHN will assist you to anticipate and prevent problems by alerting and orienting, expediting and organizing, positive problem solving and just caring.
Latest news, press releases and more.
When you are in the hospital, we are neighbors!
You deserve quick, accessible and responsive attention.
Located within a short six minute walk to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, VIPHN can quickly and responsively serve you in person and help manage your care. 



We are proud to announce that we will be relaunching 
VIP Health Navigator LLC, serving both Patients and Professionals! 

We strive to make the patient experience safer and easier!
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